Angel/Alesha soon you will cease to exist!

117.-Lumpies-Defence-ImagesSee Angel this is the problem about you moving out a few days before your 20k a month allowance was allocated cause the way you have been making money too pay for rent etc. Will as I am not standing looking like your mum all through this but still remember even taking this photo (See Right).

Means you and your twin will cease to exist which will just kill both of your parents on this physical plane – now married at the address you where raised at that both test DOB: Unknown and one of us in all that time are suddenly loosing teeth.

Well either of you can either reset our gender bias or cease to exist maybe never to be born again through disappointment; or different martial basis seeming it will leave us both with a choice of anything, which it is the scale of the supernova bomb your strapped into with other people about this though.