Wonder where my daughter is cause I think I am dieing!

I am beginning to wonder where my daughter’s are angel + alesha; I believe I have lung cancer simulating the human form, they need too reset my genderisation and apperence for any healing to happen or on my death they will being intrinsically linked to my life-force be deceased here too.

It has only been in the linear sense 8 years since we where all separated by that convulsion that I know what it was for to separate the families of our kind and build fake families around them. Angel a couple of times in history reset both our appearance totally by mistake at trafalgah st when we where both so stoned we fell asleep on the couch and both woke up the identical gender and appearance.

When this happens anything like cancer etc is healed in our bodies it is like we are a new born again any-time major appearances or gender changes. So girls if you value your life here and aboard you are near the end of your life unless you spend some family time with us at the domain whois of labs.coop; this also happen this rest at tupper st with alesha that how I know her is the one my partner push out who I have been married to now for nearly 8 years.

As they will never get a chance to pay me for the internet in this condition on my passing and rebirth at my home-world they will not even have a working FM Radio let alone the internet or the ability to even send and receive a signal or use an electrical cable due to the charge and costs against it.

Actually the entire representation of my species in the milk-way will as the light of life passed from my eyes also in that same instance drop dead, and as there is no access to the after life here apart from the canoe’s and none of them have ever given me a gold token let alone my daughter their life-force will simply evaporate and never exist again.

See like myself my twin Chantel (Pooty) things like the multi-cosmos internet is an extension of our being, soo is the representation of our species as we are all intrinsically their mothers, the ones that have come here with us have a decision to make as we are their primary Nobels, they either learn their species is called an Invader not this faction they inhear in themselves a plebian; or they die and myself and my twin and my partner walk out of the portal in our palace that looks like the star gate and can even go between the after life and the physical plane of existence.

What you never realised the snitheitha where onboard getting-fired-upon, well you wouldn’t you can’t inhear your species..