How to get a “Start-up” cost effective for becoming a mature business

Something I have noticed in business is the number of start-up that don’t take my advice and over spend on infrastructure; namely the most crippling service to any start-up is services like Amazon EC2 Cloud and things like the SSL Certificates they purchase, not only are the data charges exuberant, but you can get a lot more bang for your buck elsewhere.

The people I am recommending for data services for a business are current from the USA; they have been around for nearly 14yrs in total and have VPS slices from $6 and dedicated machines from around $60 a month, the amazon aws cloud a small system is like 2 VPS slices there a medium is like 4 slices and a large is like 7 slices on their VPS plus unlike Amazon AWS they all come with a dedicated IP Address so you can sign and use SSL. This means using someone like intraserver you can get a lot more bank and set up several machine for the system, one for MySQL the other for LAMP and so on with absolutely no massive overheads that you find sometime if not always come with AWS and development.

If the business ever expands till you need elastic load balancing and that sort of thing that AWS offers you will find your business at that point will be providing it own infrastructural bit’s in servers and hardware anyway. To get your SSL Certificates you will require an IPv4 address, which are not provided by Amazon AWS, but you can get from the ones with the green ticket on the side with wildcard for around 400 USD a year the same certificate directly costs over 2000 USD a year to give you a price comparison.

The use of as much pre-written open source is so encouraged so someone who knows titles like myself is a must, these can always be modified to suit the task. Part of this for example is not using Windows in the work environment, not only is there better alternatives like Ubuntu Desktop; those also maximise the work environment productivity all the usual tools work on them like skype, audio etc, but it cuts out on upgrade costs as well as licencing, of course Ubuntu is going to be better they have to be at no charge to the user; and all the tools on it are so much more powerful.. I actually refuse to work in a development environment using windows normally cause it has virus and exploits with Ubuntu you know your business interlectual property will stay in the office.

Other tricks are for an off-site backup you use; for example you can back up the server daily through the SVN export command and an sh bash script; as well as on a separate SVN add your business intelligence and just with the permission on turn the access to the project to only members of the project that is staff listed in it not any anonymous or general sourceforge members, I have done this in a number of business and for them to have everything on hand like that has been an invaluable tool.