@Linkedin was stolen off me like domaintools.com reflects

Did you know I wrote and am the actual founder of linkedin.com I was working at comcen.com.au at the time and wanted to do and track crimes that people in work environments are linked-in to and it does report to the AFP as well as the FBI and interpol crime API on syndicates, this code is hidden in it and never removed.

When I was living and owned 5 Garnet St, Dulwich Hill under pretty much the same name I am under now my house was invaded and at gun-point an american took all my PC and hardware equipment I was writting linked-in on when it was completely finished, the day after.

If you your a paying member at domaintools.com the domain whois history confirms this and a number of people have brought this up with me, in fact the current apparent “founder” has absolutely no coding skills or ability to build or design a website which you would have to have to be in foundry of the site as we all know as web masters they are something you do yourself to start with as a founder.

I have never been paid and it just shows how corrupt the american IT institute is with the crimes they are linked-in to the actual site.