Rebuild of the font resources svn for!!


I have been rebuilding the font resources for the font API I have been building for the last couple of months.. After only processing over 2600 fonts, I realise I am going to be able to operate most of the site but due to the size of large font uploads the /fonts folder will be WebDAV from the vps I have been trialling, as I have enough saved to pay for maybe 36/48 months of runtime at the moment…

It take on average to have all the font files per font in a zip around 2-4Mb zipped but some of the font files have reached 20Mb even 120Mb when large amount of glyph are present in the font… So the svn on what I have so far managed too collect which is around 500k fonts to crash with font forge, I hope too see a large svn at some point with this odd 1000 it is already 6.6Gbs…

I am going to be making an app at first which is the on-screen browser on where ppl can preuse fonts downloadable, I haven’t used my web crawler yet which is in it – it could take a week or so of constant website crawling looking for more fonts..

So that’s what I have been upto :-//