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The greatest conundrum I have met is Laurence Krauss and atheist, the OO base level primary about how nothing krauss here no really in theoretical physics that means at least this section there is no distinguishable sign’s of life after-life in this region of physical space, that means before the tube express to the after-life was installed when it became important and in that.

Yes those kids with the past life and yorebirth cognitive memories of a “funnel” or a “slide” that gateway is designed to look like if anything attempt to krauss too previous to that moment for that life-force or “soul” as you say re-emerged into the physical/dimensional plan, I know it in a series of variables from 3 to anywhere up would of 18 variables – that in coming, going is depends on what you are doing and “zone” your going to an armish heaven paradise or some hell, that was all those sort of things like that in one center, with a machines dump of all their equipment plus their mates in their armish heaven that was allow to take deceased living machines; living ships the lot..

So the only thing here and it wouldn’t work with an atheist one like Krauss is too give an actual, not elected deity (A deity is a product or person that takes on physical living representation around like in everyday life from the sheer magnitude of people power behind it – Mine is designing the Internet, hand-coded by Vinton Cerf from my Threads in code examples, it transformed me and made changes in me) a gold piece at least worth the base level of the shiny gold currency they where handling on the land they could die on and use the old canoes with the watchers that I have only heard once make anything you could cognitively select as sound which was when I was doing a particular: This was your life! and it was the theme song to: This is your life the TV Show, knowing something like that move an zeitheral boat through the courses of space is also at time sitting around watching TV: I wonder how their “God” sound is doing, looks like he has been moved into a home from shared living I did see him asking people for a $1 or $2 with as requested his beard shaved at the time. Did anyone tell him passing a brass cone between you and me also does that, that’s worth three life-forces…

See Krauss is why particles and sub-particles at least even cars, trains or pedestrians krauss back and forth, the OO for it in primordial that been stuck in a stink-hole in time after kraussing some barrier tape at somewhere in the basement of all enreal, real, living that kind of thing… anyway.. it was on his first day two as an intern he wanted to play example of his surname on the barrier tape even when someone went to crash tackle him it was too late, up until now what we have met is not the actual krauss which he is here thankful at his source but a mirror reflection that mimics with no life-force from this of krauss that normally causes worlds like delta-9u-ae4 from the matrix like with vint getting googled on it too.

What I don’t get in proving this and that in maths, why like I know being one of the entities in fooreal like my twin the identical balance in OO like the fabric or Meshy as the ewedrine refereed to us; hence why I find myself with that sparc.

With our kids for the first time, on some sort of the carbon date stamp counts all the way still on my hair sample or tissue or saliva sample too absolutely negative ever since that sound existed, it always has; which just too confirm I was me as I remembered, I did repeat with the second pair of buckle swabs i sent to gribbles with the CYP450 with an email request to confirm if possible a source DOB which as you see on a sighted medical forensic clinical record where they could easily look it up on Medicare they had those details too it is a health-scope lab it does again what I just pointed out produce: Unknown.

Here I will show you on the CYP450 Test, that it is a sighted test with anything like DOB: Unknown would have been immediately queried and fixed if it wasn’t meant to be there..

Anyway, being a part of that base level stuff, nothing looks or makes much sense to us either when we stand at the painting with our eyelids only a few mm from the canvas, it just is that way Krauss and Meco it really is, dieing is not an option I have or ever had, I just exist around in the ether or physical realms all at the same time..