Foundation stones reflect who the monarch is of the land the building is connected with!

Foundation stone are a stone or a run of stones that are carved and placed even in modern buildings. These reflect who’s land they are connected with and the current reining monarch of the land is, if your family is reflected on them you find you are intuitively aware of this from the call of feet which is how I know a large percentage of them currently reflect the following:

  • @Cipherhouse – Access Denied
  • @Cipherhouse – Access Restricted
  • @Cipherhouse – Access Granted

This means all the money and statues should have rolled over if they where anything but a counterfeit monarchy and stature, everyone when this happened around 2005 should have woken up with a new face on the coin, our’s would have two myself and my twins face as well as new statues laws and everything that would have rolled over in their heads in this effect.

The fact is every note you have ever even paid anything for is counterfeit in the largest of regards and hold not a single intrinsic value, also you can’t remove or change foundation stones they are made even in a modern sky scraper to put a crack in the building if they are, it will only reflect the same as it did when you removed it anyway.