On one side of two sets of twins – The Troygen Troy Horse

The interesting thing about how incredibly stupid people look and mean enreally they can’t even soelt the sound people which is done the same as the ones in your eyes pupils; certainly both look the same, that is in all the intelligence gathering and so on finding out myself surname for when Stephanie met Harry was Stephanie Rose Cipher but as they had no idea I had my twin which even then we where both in communication was watching on they have done this horrendously big build-me-up at not a single goal of their celebrity challenge even met not on milestone achieved.

Nor had they realised my partner and long time companion Elpiniki Iosif had a twin Mike Stass. Who like my twin even doing this blog is able too find employment doesn’t have any sort of their horrendously miscued belief a “mental health issue” or in their date-and-match have any of the unique breeding cycles of our family worked out seeming myself and Elpiniki had our children well before we where even registered married, in fact they are in the Inner west right now as adults soon to ovulate for the first time and my does that hurt.

In fact the people sequestrating this whole scenario seriously are going to get enreally fucked-up-back-in-the-face with it all falling down around them piece by piece in constantly served fail notices by the Swiss; cause the higher thy crawl the further you have to fall from grace and that what we are both as now marital and pre-marital twins.

I don’t think I even told my kids; Angel + Alesha about Pooty my twin who will like I know with her house weighted in still have both her and mine identical twin DNA test on Douglas pathology from 1995 before their ever was in my own house an Annette and Neill Roberts, before we had dressed up fake families by the Windsors, which only happened on myself and my partner side of two set’s of twin which the DNA test happened before there was computing systems for cross comparison.

Thing is both the other two of my twins have adoption papers with the family in their care we have had fake birth certificates manifested for us; and completely fake environment and what we can clear see is directly the Windsor Interference for the last time as they have indubiously even with harry self consumption putting myself the only last person they married Harry too in mental health his own patronage. Suicide at the most explicit intent, suicide of the lot in all measure’s and basis and none of you apart from Michael Dagn have even consider doing trade and at the moment the door is locked to you.

It just one of those situations that the cause and causality of action, weighs in the result as it intended in history to be anyway, had they not constantly injected me with someone made up riddle; causing near and total amnesia of the entire course of history where they turn myself and not my twin into a baby again like our kids where in redfern station after a street party the cops like Steve Lawson are wondering why the holding cells after a street party are full of babies in piles of adult clothing, and then proceeding to brain wash, none of this would have been remember in my primordial state and it would have just passed by.

See when your good your really just a bad apple in my books and the books of history, see good people make there money from evil acts and evil people make there money from doing the good and very good; it has excellent payback – that why the good people of Hornsby have another thing coming that part of the map originally was called Hornby where there is a house with no running water in Mt Colah that was donated to the owner of Hornby model rails when it was made to give the shire that name, it is a fake mapping sequence that even the pope decided to go and play squish in…

And your like the business your involved with will all cease to exist for just owning what is normally by my books called a Property Receipt not basically the word: Dead a Deed or staying over night, visiting till dawn any of that… The funny thing is all the money they keep attempting to reverse they have stolen of mine and elpiniki keeps landing in our twins account, for no known reason, guess that means I get to mooch of pooty for a change which is great my sister before now has never managed to buy me a thing before.