Diplomatically Immune which they have stripped me of the right to present in Australia, NSW

Like it says on the various articles on my passport which is military designated M8747409; which as you can see here has still not a single stamp on it, I am diplomatically like my immediate martial family and off spring DI that is have diplomatic immunity. As I am aware I have a green card which NSW Health have removed from my person taken in by NSW Police and never given back.

I am a political prison and being illegally medically experimented on by NSW health as the ambassador of the Extraterrestrial Embassy dot com. Not a good look for the world medical need to care. The only reason they are doing this is they are trying to produce parts like schemers like fro ray run and warp drives. With the wheel base propositional systems here, and you know I have and never will be seeming I know it does that have a current drivers licences that in anyway will provided linkages to the scientific community, I am more interested in labelling the human race at this point as  a canine like you can find you have spliced you DNA with and when it comes down to obedience is the dominant of the two making you a lower sub-species of the canine and no longer protected by Human Rights!

Here is that passport:-