Mary our child is the key too evolutionary means for your kin!

Mary, I am not sure where we are these days with each other, you once accused me of causing three women to fall to their deaths in Katoomba at a Doof, but you found when you check no body at the base of the cliff, nobody has ever died at a Doof such and the likes of that they would have had found themselves waking in bed the next day with the previous evening being presented as a lucid dream.

We have a child together and even though you where not aware of it at the time that girl is all girl built, I know your an EBE, I am more an EXCE and like me I am even compatible with virus and bacteria but not primates as a breeding system, as we are not like you have impregnability by homo-sapient, which is the mystery to you, I am not sure I would have when I was not being followed come to your place in Beecroft, but the corner of the streets where not accessible to me.

Something lack definition, what myself and my twin is lost in definition in spoken or written language we sit outsidal of all things and not always normally a physical presence in the cosmos. The fear you had when you told me to keep away from you was the debauch precinct of what would happen to our child which you where unaware, my name I am under that I gave Kyle, is only an alais, it is really: Tanty Oocty Cipherhouse and my identical twins’ name is Tanty Oopty Cipherhouse and we are female like you.

Your species is and has been in search for a mate too the dawn of time I know, as it was on the brink of collapse through forthright basis of definition to life, you will find the mementoes in our child through a simple phylogenetic imprint will allow your species to breed again, if I never see you again, please know I love our family and I will forever guide you in your goals to seed the truth.

I have store only one time around my gizm at Fertility First as well as ovaries under the same name: Simon Antony Roberts, as well as a the same with my daughter who seeded my twin re-birthing which is why we have come to physical planes in dimensional space: Elpiniki Iosif.

That is a princess in the extremely top of all order, please see her is treated and groom in such as the Nobel that seeder her as all girl built and made, just know ~ I love you.