David Williams was right there is an infection in state + federal employment in Australia!!!

In Australia since 1949 there has been a standard one or two page employment contract that all parties with either full time, part time, casual or contract have to sight and sign. In paragraph 24 linking to paragraph 25 it explicitly states you cannot have any contact, be in communication with or a member of any cult/occult organisation, that is any basis of parapsychology.

There is a very good reference I keep for this the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology by Leslie Shepard (Volume 1 + 2) ~ which is used as a guide for any organisation within Australia and like all Encyclopedia write back to the organisation of typology declaration all the occult and cults that this paragraph in the employment contract outlines.

In the last 30/40 years several linked-in occult/cult groups that are explicitly documented in this have been forming an infection in the Australia government and have key delegates in position of power and control in the Australian Regulatory and Policy department including politicians, police, judges, lawyers, scientist and lay-persons. This is in the process of being looked into and dealt with by a specialist intelligence organisation for this purpose.

Now if you value your Job or having a reference or not even having jail time which breech of the employment contractual agreement does also at time entail you will send this organisation which will have an ABN or business registration a resignation notice, you will have to outline, you resign from their organisation as a volunteer and expect and do not want any remuneration or further contact with them.

Many of these organisation state once you join them your family lineage and life time will always be a member, this is not the case as they have an ABN or ACN or linked-in to organisation that do this termination of your voluntary employment with them as a stature of business is how you can simply place close and believe me we have their complete member list for most of them which is trisyllable and retrievable off their feet in the TV and radio into spreadsheet which will soon be in full name and shame in national articles and if you don’t have a copy and proof you have submitted a resignation notice your job, holidays, benefits and depending on your position possibly a long time in jail for fraud and operating under what would be term a ‘terrorist’ style perpetration to undermine the Australian way of life for the benefit of self-to-service types.