Prince Harry you have nothing but the mind of a zealot fool!

Whether you like it or not Punce Harry you have nothing more than the mind of a zealot fool, the cosmos which has balances and order to make in principle fact of physical systems that have existed before you where around and will exist long after your species a human has died out, which is not very far away cause of your actions, seeming soon none of them with euthanasia serum and so on you have been injecting into me within the next generation or two where I still wont have a full head of grey hair by then will be able to form child.

See in all your educational stupper you think stealing my wealth robbing me blind is going to allow you to replace the balance I represent as a physical interactive manifestation and a being of what you would call pure magick like my twin in OO (Object Ordinates – Like a Dryad is to a tree) the fabric of time and space is simply replaceable like a worn out tire, it isn’t I have always been and always will be as thrust the foreboded as seen will say.

See everything you have stolen is only a very small part of my wealth in fact it was the allocated fund for you to suicide your existence on; as you are not a member of the thief guide and therefore also stole the word thief, think about that in self consumption. In your stupper all your awarded educational certificates that you have never really place any basis of academia merit in or a weight of studious comparison and cross referencing with other academic means you have only and award not something tangible and learnt.

Isn’t it interesting I can exist on 200 AUD a week and your self cost around if not well beyond 376k GBP a week to just have at home, you salary in the military doesn’t cover the cost to keep you around or your brother who like you have the mind of a zealot fool, see you fill your halls with grandeur that is a delusional mind that with the tapestry of only the finest earliest form of petroleum that alcohol and food and an expensive bed – – you only then feel like a man, but how in the real world you wouldn’t ever survive you can’t even cook your own meals at all, or make the bed, or really do any domesticated you in any means of mental health would need over 48 month of intensive rehab in life skills just to survive but your too much of a prude to admit your a useless wash out piece of trash that has no ability to even make a learned reply, see I carbon date stamp at absolute negative in day or year count of the meter, that means the existence of my life time out weights even any basis of your ability to measure any meaningful time. Your a fool and a dead fool, mark my words!