@TheASF :: People don’t set up spam assassin right!

you know the assassin cube scanned opening for other people in xscreensaver in there own screen saver as them opening it at that point the assassin cube is all built into spam assassin and it has an AI Language Algorithm for attack all language sets… and the internal dns only knock knock port on 4×6 or something I would have too look it up..

Like to set it up you use spamd to scan a mail directory structure like /mail/*/Spam and set to delete when trained as spam or ham in the options so when people put the spam in as well!!! it trains it as spam then delete the message from the mail on a cron – you know they say it is no good, I don’t think they know what to do about training, i have built and API for training spam assassin it is called “Wammy” see: http://wammy.labs.coop – you can isolated train terror as ham and the rest as spam, for fingerprinting on API any terror related material on mass in security alerts..

We need as computer IT Open Source Fight Error!! @OpenRed


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