‘Former’ is misappropriated for ‘Previous’

Did you know the word former is misappropriated, it is not something you can simply assign for example a paedophilia priest in the context of being a previous priest, it is always in most cases female and the use of it all the time on places like ABC News 24 should be a laughable state.

Formers at a OO representative of some object ordinate and if any self consumption exist never age beyond 30 and afterwards normally have a transform of some-type, which I am also primordially based in pointee ear pratts.

If you want to say previous to the motion then it is previous not some magickal state you have no bearing on, you can’t like deity just elect a former by encapsulating in the news that you want someone to be by form and it has nothing to do with an Internet form or a form you fill out either, the TLA for previous is pvs/prv. this use of the normally typal for MS.= FRM. in the text for a pedophilia based priest I saw today was just the final insult on the poor curry.

Whether you know this abroad or not it is your group mind that is doing this regardless of cuntree your from and mine doesn’t have a monthly for screaming babies, and I sit like my twin and daughters outside of all things relevant to your recourse of history.

Don’t you have a problem Jody/Jodie Coleman for raping me for form at the primary root clause of the function of this in any kin society how you and everything you have slept with will be like you are now on either side of your genderisation a hermaphroditic representation neither male nor female as well as stealing from my own account at the time 27k of life savings.

Hermaphroditic representation is a curse you carry in your soul, it comes before ancient Egypt and before from a time lesser forgotten, it is punishment for debauch sexual deviance against deity’s of that era and before then. As it originally occurred on the Egyptian goddess Hermaphrodites child and twins but when the curse is in full course it will revert on her children and then have a chance to be grandma. It spreads like any bacteria or viral infection coming in contact with sexual regions or having favours done by people that carry the curse.