Lost no more the Blood Nazi Gold Throphy’s @ictynews @ClarenceHouse @UN_Spokesperson

For many a decade people have been searching for the hidden treasures of Adolph Hitler which at the end of WW2 the Nazi had amassed a large horde of gold, which until today has never been found. The diabolical thing is the ICTY did eventually catch up on Adolph Hitler and in the opening of the hear for the monstrosities of WW1 + WW2 Hitler declared he was ‘sponsored’ for the reel-to-reel and was not the culprits and was able to provide proof of this.

He also noted, he still hasn’t been presented his Chaplaincy by Charley Chaplin from Charley Chaplin University who he still believe due to the magick of silver light is around today for doing Charley Chaplin all the way through the horrendous experience he had being sponsored for 2 world wars to make the British look like the cream cheese and bolstering in sentiment their economy. I will give you a name Charley Chaplin – Andrew James Psalia of 52 Clarenda St, Hornsby, NSW, 2207 – in a new lease on life studying the effects of war on children living a simple married Australien life.

He made a call or two and three identical copies of what he used some of the sponsorship for too record the sponsorship deal by the British believe it or not, and the gold which does in all the melting and remelting back to British bars, does all as the tincture to mark this runs true, show the entire loot is marked as the Queen of England’s (Dweeb Elizabeth) personal stash.

It turns out it was u-boated to North Korea via the north western boarder which wasn’t patrolled at the time, this is partly why the North Korean economy even with sanctions can only not turn over as it has all this sponsorship blood gold in it’s belly which means none of the coins ring when they hit the outside palace pavement.

As there was no pre-arrangement they just turned up there in u-board the NK; Kim Jong Un father who would have just been in is late 30s thought he struct it rich not knowing what blood gold does to a country, when it is being dumped on them… They had their drink spiked, in spike my drink, which has been running in here for a while; kirrily smitheram…