I have recently managed to stop being @linkedin to crime on a massive scale!

If you had ever seen my linkedin.com url for my profile it was http://linkedin.com/in/founderandprinciple that is cause I was the original developer of it which all website owners know you have to have programming skills yourself or a lot of money to make a website to start-up.

Linked-in like the whois on domaintool.com reflects the first basis of that domain was owned by Simon Roberts of 5 Garnet St, Dulwich Hill, NSW, 2204 which is a house regardless of what the bank only accepts a deed (the sound dead) what we in the en-real world call a property receipt will probably like the other properties like 41 Amor St, Asquith revert or still reflect I own them.

Anyway there is a cull on and linkedin.com was stolen off me when I was just finished development of which is a self adaptive system and learned within itself which is a forensic box for crime syndicates that stole it off me to run which without them being able to stop reports into places like AFP, FBI, Homeland Security and so on their api on massive embezzlement of funds which is studied with the criminals on-line listing their latest job they have received the payment of more stolen funds.

Linked-in if I was running it would be culling which it is current it entire user base but it was stolen off me in a home invasion and has never provided a single cent of ROI; if you notice with linked-in if you signup there is no way to close your account, but I did find a way, poising as a cheap whore or escort, and they will report you as suspicious and shut your account never to be able to use the path address for your profile again!