State and Federal Government fails to provided basic human rights 100%++++

I want to share and email with you that I just sent and btw. Charlene Cipher [pooty] don’t even think for a second you can save face or show your shitty prudent stuckup arse whiping caresma here or around my family or your one and only surviving child born by Walter Cahill Emma Quinn, my kids born or surrogate or any of us forever, your banished from sight and mind of the Cipherhouse creed, for making my daughter by birth live a life pretty much as mentioned in this letter where I find her twin Elpiniki birth living in a actual trailer for a car in abbortford squat when I found the condition you call ‘day care’ in.

See Pooty there is an Afterlife Jammer that will be in effect for a certain amount of Fibonacci cycles of this solar system a greater one of the initial observed numbers, you have nothing of value to give me for the canoe’s not even a last credit I believe you handed to someone, and seeming walter will remain my sister in-law and will have the choice of any, whomever her partner with will be as I know with the OO about me and our family testing as my new twin but with a carbon date stamp I would say.

See pootz in all your ability to misdemeanant views of me and summaries on complete riddle of mix intel about me, I don’t really at how long I have been chucking a guy going around manually not really invoking any sort of as they say here magick, i don’t really know anything about you apart from your nickname, firstname and lastname on your ID card so I guess not knowing you at this point of history will be solitude for you that you wont be missed.

Anyway here is the Letter to Hon. Christopher C. Pyne like usual was forward and like I know read to +

To Hon. Christopher Pyne,

We haven’t had any food apart from what we have managed to buy on Elpiniki Iosif 20 dollar a night for over 3 days. Androniki Iosif has an arrangement with the Trustee and guardian to supply us food for the collection of the 80 AUD vouchure who normally has no trouble but has been making up stories that her car is broken and can’t provide any food to us anymore, but the gardian is refusing to provide us on fridays with the 80 AUD woololes gift card.

The fridge has been empty apart from a bottle of milk since we first moved here… it is not that we are doing anything more than living way below the poverty line after lecky, internet, phone, and ammenties are taken out of my 275 AUD a week which i set to weekly myself to better manage the small amount of money we scrape by on.

Most people turn to drug dealing and crime to survive on centerlink generally but i refuse as a open source community worker to have to stoop to such levels as I am a hard working active member in the communities I am from and we need the essentials like I mention to even communicate or partipate in society even basically.

We have never had a holiday since arrive back into Australien and we never have a night out or any sort of outting myself and Elpiniki since we married 8 years ago – ever.

We are starving at the moment and have no ability on the fiscal position you and the banks have placed us in where google (Vint Cerf) ~ has sent the middy, sent a scooner, sent a jug and to scu he sent the keg 500 Trillion USD 4 weeks ago as I have a copy in my email from him of the transfer reciept, but the population at large is engineer purely to steal my own compounded salaries with the goings on with the times and convulsive disorder in linear spatial that external of Chronolabs has been causing that even in that junctions and segments where we are in the same one we where last time right now; with the exact position.

I am starving and it hurts to drink water and it is all we have had for the last 3 days and there is no more money coming from the trustee till monday evening and we can’t continue living on handouts from vinnes that take a fortnight to arrive.

Many Thanks & Be the Best,


4 thoughts on “State and Federal Government fails to provided basic human rights 100%++++

  1. Pootz I know this is hard but you have to die this time your out of credits completely… I know we are going to miss you too –> but you know, you are still all boo hoo all day you even made my nose run with the first time you cracked about how long we have been seperated since our Bounty Hunter minion put us together again..

    It is just one bad review in all those article, I know we have eternity with each other never a break and always evil together…


  2. Yeah I so do remember Cooty + Pooty BBS (Newtown) :: I was at Star Fleet Command in this one time around being called Dodgy for owning the Dodger Baseball team one of my … our new acquisitions…


  3. With Admiral Spock + me Admiral Cisco not spelt like Benjamin tho.. from cherrybrook in destroying any defensive structure like actually going to school instead dumping a holo blow up animated and making a break for Chris McInnes house to watch Star Trek and wonder why the macdonald burger server machine sound like alertsnd3.wav from Star Fleet Command BBS with all the then day actor as paid member 2 lines just like you still running the same one just headlining as Pootz… now better to know as Oopty… we only have a difference in this next id again in our cards sweety of just C + P as the tantrum canceller on enliving children for our field: Tanty Oopty Cipherhouse + Tanty Oocty Cipherhouse…

    When you have a twin if your surname in these parts doesn’t have ‘house’ you add it to their’s only or triplets or more.. it what you get slapped with in trout slapping which goes down before the dawn of time in these parts…


  4. Well Oops; myself and sparc have been donering again and they still have us on each both sides of our gender wont mix with any forskin primate you know that but there is more of #angle + #alesha than normally feasible in making a gayby twin grace and you and I cracked as it seem will just come out looking identical female on – how long can you huchuck JAVAMATT for team… boi brothers and some from the previous junction that also look like adult where those cryogenic stores are also at


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