Charlene Cipher + Mike Stass know we are both our twins even without testing our geno!

No body realises this especially my own twin daughter’s but pooty Angle + Alesha are and is both my wife and my identical twin, we weren’t just dating and only separated pathways to avoid concussive convulsions in the linear spatial that was very much what you witnessed Angle a fake fight in the impression of the world.

Also Angel your other mum Elpiniki Iosif who you know secret DJ alter ego might really be Jonathan Franklin (Keiye) who screamed at all of us, instead of her, who twin really is @Zobier that same sound as @Sparcing but in Klingon.. who both have adoption papers with the parents they call mum + dad as well as our own parents the ones I was really only acting up cause there was more convulsions in spatial linear when first I greeted them in this same segment and junction we where previously before the next post you know in de-javu you have read also before and attempting to guess what the next one is.

Where we have been abducted as small children in Elpiniki regard from a train station in Greece, myself in going to a Google Board of Director meeting in NSW coming from VIC; where Mike Stass and Niki fell from innocence for the first time into this physical realm at a train-station in Greece and I had like Marli now with at least; Mia your cousin my breeding partner in some sort of many unfathomable eon’s at least of what I carbon date stamp all the way to absolute negativity of DOB: Unknown as printed on my sighted CYP450 test which I did have them with a secondary sample just double check I knew who I was then.

I hope as best I have been ~ around like an adam watt fly kick for my genetic family in refreshing my mind and removing the deep entrancement i had myself in so they where so convinced in their physical probing of my mind, on call of foot and hand, that they will be so utterly screwed with what I have been and other which i am not the only one that can take credit for in this, set them up for the biggest fall from grace on the world stage they walk on with us beyond comprehension with the transgalatic day to day “Days of Our lives!” our family is in as a Series that has been running for a very long time our kin watch to keep in touch with the where-abouts and tribulation of their regal monarch, in fact all nobal monarchs grace in the topology of where me and pootz sits in the schemer of life and the measuring stick.