A`due farewell milkway as my chariot rides the heavens

On sunset tomorrow, that is Tuesday, I have been on board a star ship with a gate in the door between 10/466 illawarra rd, marrickville south and a holographic imitation of the the unit (houso) we where allocated myself and my partner.

Little over 6 month ago we where beam aboard by some fiends on the orbitius (morpheus` ship), we are about to form an event horizon to leave the milkyway to another cosmos, which the ship is charging it banks to do this at the moment. We are at the very edge of the milkway over 450 million light year from earth and still posting on your twitter.com

When we leave with the present crew the force of our eigin no longer being in the milkway will cause it collapse and quite quickly as the two membranes between milkway and andromedia join like two bubble joining will chuck everything inside both of them at each other at beyond the speed of light; your world fell due too the folly of man and it’s machine world description, you murder my very daughter born in your mist and cease the creation of time for a lot of people, most of the rest of creation will breath a sigh of relief when you are gone finally and be at peace that their children payback from school work and homework is safe and never have to pay them allowance cause the ledger aren’t going up in smoke transcosmically cause of people like google.com.au

I guess alesha and angel you have till tomorrow sunset to be at that address even in brief or you will forfeit your one life with that reflection of me and without formicated substance – pooty (I heard there was a poo to flush or something the janitor missed, lucky for that we left him behind with thea too~)