DSL Down at Home!

Currently my ADSL is down at my home location which means some parts of my websites are offline which are in a co-location on the premise; we churned from dodo.com.au to a cheaper provider but they still haven’t given us the log in information so the link is down, it has been down since the 10th, can you imagine it the designer of the internet without a link, could be permant if the NSW Trust and Protective office disconnected the link, which means I will never have another connection again as the primary designer from comp.protocol of the internet itself.

I have to now live on 75 AUD a week in 20 AUD nightly payments from the Justice Departments NSW Trust and Guardian all because my mother-in-law wants a 60 AUD food voucher which her receives one already from my wife. This means that they are causing a humanitarian crisis for “Programmers without boarders” and “Coders San`frontier” which i am both member’s of we will never have a working phone or internet again cause of Minister Troy Grant – The Justice Minister where they are prosecuting me for community work and open source development cause I have made their made up bullshit about my mental health condition look utterly farcical with the quality of the code that clearly shows I do not have a mental illness nor my wife who is only young at mind being fresh from innocence.

In fact my code is so clean, there isn’t a single schizotypal instantiation in it which as you know mental health issues produce themselves in languages this also happens with programming languages and mental health and if my wife was sick in anyway like they claim the programs would throw errors all the time.