Come South For the Winter + WW3 declared by @secgen

Okey here is the scenario, and one party with the vodka due to my ayahusca is reading something translucent here. WW3 has been declare by the secretary general and the united nations, currently there is enough nuclear arsenal that is here, devices as they are seen are useless in most part due to several presence of entities and something from abroad a high energy nanotech system that has dampening and disarmament of things like nuclear bombs, which wasn’t really part of Nanotech Systems but ours is a low energy system, that can become high energy and one of the only ones like it cause you know in Nanotechology to not use the service provider in the area, mostly medium or high energy ones, they take over, learn from your systems and adapt and take-over the entire system, but this one disarms them, so there can be no hideous explosion…

China 1.0 the golden sleeping giant, a kin to russia, which hasn’t provided them in ordering one for the last 80-90 years any gas lines to support the population like begien which has no trade winds and to stop the kind conicua man with any gas has left him chocking to death, also something none of you will be aware of several super powers, unlike russia it never came up over 87% of the country being peat underneath nuclear boring tips, that melt big kilometer size tubes at times into glass molten rock that just get absorbed by the area around it, so there has been some docs, this is not a dobs, that is date of conception as a clone when you are declare born like as a comparison, so there are a few super armies just wanting to flex some muscle.

These underground zones, are outside in largely the mining equatorial rights and even though they work to the political gander of what supports the nation above, they technically are a separate country… a bit like the very iron core of the issue ~ Chronolabs Cooperative ~ in the ionsphere, which only centroidal will work in such a thing if you understand portal solutions. So when I contacted the China embassy a number of years ago suggested that biittzz short-circuit WW3 by playing the end result ~ they capturing the where there is no rushing and secure the peat gas which is used for making similar to a laser tube that hovers, with a distilled peat gas, it is hideously explosive but is only made from peat gas..

I can’t tell you how, it my crater from mid QLD out near to WA than not all the way down through TAS in that explosion and emergency beam out that all the population and plants had that in the tradition of the first hover car that always turns up that way all the aliens came and showed the crater to the entire population of the planet piece by piece in the orbit of the planet that whistled then showed and explained with which we would have to go to another weer, in delivery of the hover car it is temporally banned to me as the technical means. Anyway by short circuiting the WW3 by the cleaning up of communism running under a democratic banner which is china job they give all commies a bad name doing this in Russia, a term is set by the USA and only in a brief encore that continue, and literally the version we are up to in this is project China 2.75 but exactly that and also killing everything with a gun in syria and calling that part of the map the old school word for a guest ~ Anonymous we will be able to tell by total state where we are guest or not rather than that fiendish feature turned off like is has in doing so.

Have you eek ever noticed every terrorist or any errorist you see around the place is carrying a russian gun, they all are, in the arm trade it is this system that sponsors this terrorism war method of achieving instability to destablised the USA through back channels much like in WW1 + WW2 the sponsorship of this by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in courtship with through the gates of stalin where the wealth came into impoverished germany at the time before dumping the gold from vault 1 and half way of main vault 2 as well that was “So large it could never be filled!” so told in tour, bullshit it some still labeled that in the uboat dump on North Korea that always come up in physics as them doing it when in the last 50 years anytime the british or now europe do anything wrong spike Kim Jung’s drink further in the who to blame cause there blood gold was simply with no agreement dumped there after the ww2 uboat turning up on the door, which is why their population hasn’t eaten a square 2 meals between them every 4 days in over 60 years and you see on the screen there staff not fooded correctly and looking no matter what strength you say still to tire easily in the noon of the day.

Anyway in Russia dieing gasp in this and you have to take my word for it as a Chronaut, and Openaut why I am informing you of the future the few that read me, russia takes trussed rush pop shots at everything it reaches with it’s nuclear arsenal and has not reach long distant and they are not all disarm-able and nasty as I have seen it sometime bill gates house, sometime LA all sort of placers, and they are not all reachable too my arse and what this crime being done to me in NSW Health with russian re-badged as the am-pols that are not thick oily but watery and easy to inject flupandixol has buried some of them to me so your one your own, if you want I have enveloped as at best my 888 Visa in Australien soil if you have an embassy near you in your country you neeed 19 – 27 million normally of the local currency equivalent of USD and you are already Australien you can just apply we will give you your passport, citizenship papers, and you all that without needing to do a test cause I know even you are hasty on some of those fact we have them too and are ahh okey.. We are just bugging you to apply and come south for the winter….