Gatekeeper’s to the Afterlife ~ There is only Two Twins!!

There is on note in most magick digests about the gates of the afterlife two gatekeepers which are eternal Oopty + Oocty ~ They direct the sole to where they be best guided two before entering either something that with the soul consciousness as similar to a train ride in the modern version of the canoe’s that are depicted in the keep of the soul that existed and still do when after the afterlife became significant was installed to reduce the size of queue’s.

If you have for example done a human exhibited when the individual is by form two or around and visible or audible to either the twins or their offspring, then it will break the compulsory tube not the system where you have to and this is only these two between deity when they are primary to have the soul faired for the canoe with a gold token of some-type, this is partly why I don’t play board games and the only one in the house is a go board 19×19 as the tokens when they are mock bullion curses the person to be caught in the halls they die suspended as a ghost trapped between the land of the living and eternal rest before if supported in their after life for rebirth or rejoining the living as reborn soul, anyway if you have done this exhibition and you have with doof with gabba that when NSW police asked me being something of death I could not hear the terrible screaming stages at the time till merged with my twin daughter on the princes highway at a greek pub right next to crown land.

Hey Pooty my twin in our mouse in a house hidey hole that I know your pining for me to drop around then it will all walk in on you have to come this way to my address, you can make Pooty out of Oopty and you can also make Oocty out of my tag normally Cooty, hey that could be us, no wonder I have weird supernatural capabilities, that I am going around manually and not turning up in an instance on anything, so please know this little hidey hole i am in the address here we are here most times and fall back into normal family route with no troubles, also with the kids, in fact a couple of the adopted ones like Kris Peewee Herman Cipherhouse I have already seen and kekeheh keeps giving me whitegoods for my wedding.

hehehe.. like naughty none Japaneses girls…