Dodgy @AusPost with @AlibabaTalk unable to deliver any packages

I have been attempting to order a phone from Alibaba now for 2 months, and still they are always going missing when they arrive in Australia.. Check this out for the 3rd phone i have ordered on this one which is high end spec quad core phone with 5″ screen and active matrix, which as you can see in the transit log ~ order id 75676193139844  This shipment :-

Screenshot from 2016-06-27 16-21-25

Was never delivered it will not have my SILJC seal on the signature for delivery and all the mail and I have had most of my orders from alibaba go missing in this way except for underpants cause the Australian Post are nothing but thieves that are not members of the thief’s guild, do not have or do anything but steal the word thief to see it from the thief guild and are without any honor on delivery them of course including chronopost that deliver here between 1:30pm and 2pm every day.