Board Postion Job – Openaut Director


Initial Volunteer Board Position

Position of: Openaut Director

Role Time Required: As Required

Period of Job: Termed Position within voting pools

Ethnic Requirements: None

Minimal Age: 17+

Citizenship: Australian or Oversea or Dual Nationality

Work Entitlement: Citizenship or Approved Work Visa

Our Open Business Chronolabs

The Chronolabs cooperative has been operating from Sydney and around Australia from June 2006, we have and offer both closed and open source solutions to both the website consumer (Someone who needs a website) which can be either Person, Business or Statutory Body, NGO or otherwise we also offer some Scientific testing and forensic systems as well as study broader topics away from web-design, the internet that are Boarder-line in this industry and beyond.

During this period of history we have been developing as part of a vibrant open source community various frameworks we use to build-up on the existing features into your unique and flavours-sweet site we can help make for you!

Starting as a small start-up in 2006, Chronolabs has gone from strength to strength in supporting the Open Source community, namely XOOPS (see: which was adopted by Chronolabs as a lot of the programmers from our community of developing this period was new to languages like PHP and LAMP Stack and XOOPS being OOP CI which is used in all VS and VS.NET it was the ideal choice for in-depth analysis and learning these open control mechanism coming from a Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET.

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Business Owner/Founders Role Foreword:-

I have been as the founder of Chronolabs Coop for the past couple of years just developing an open source range so we at least have building blocks for making websites and doing philanthropic services to the needing and haste to required services selectively… We have still got to fill at least the all the director positions listed in the front page to set a schedule of ownership for protecting investor interest and ownership across the business enumerator types in the business.

We can also take endless work for the dole and there are hundreds if not thousands of executives and web designers, graphic designer, text copyrighters and so on in the centerlink queue that university churn out that we could be paid to have a location they can be housed in under insurance to run and maintain working system apart from a couple of regular and management staff in a peered system developed in house for managing such a thing, we could even take them in development like PHP remotely onto Git/SVN etc..

Check out our website in the URL it is a bit slow cause it is running on a development server class machine and my link is due too be paid, but I would love to have your feed back my number is +61-2-80769266 or email me at with your resume any inquires and applications for this role…

Role Description:-

As a board member you are to attend meeting and make regular contribution and work flow into the business, they may not mean financial investment, however in inital stages until the business supports salary caps there is intrinsic network earnings also like payback that if our ledger is unable to pay to you and we find that with banks especially then this until it can be even beyond your term in the business is left on compound until a secure method of payment is made. You will own as part of the Director side of the schedule of ownership that percentile of business including bonus capital raised paid to you in your share as per cooperative structures and the charter of cooperatives at the United Nations as overseen by the Hauge!

If you have any of the following skills this would look highly suggestive to you being most suitable for the position as we are essentially in first basis a web design cooperative any of the following skills:-

* Website Coding (PHP/XHTML/HTML4/HTML5)
* Graphic Design Skills
* Textual Copyrighting
* Marketing
* Executive Management Skills
* Previous Successful Board Positions with other business’
* Education/Teaching Skills
* People Management Skills
* Research & Development History
* Design and Method Skill/History
* Teleco Senior Positions
* Adult Entertainment Industry Exposure
* Telemarketing Management
* Statistic Analytics
* Business Analysis Skills/History
* Previous Open Source Exposure on Teams
* Extensive Code Examples / Portfolio

What you will require for the application:-

* account (once in role)
* account (once in role)
* Resume (No more than 4 pages)
* Contact Phone Number (Business Hours AEST)
* Contact Email Address
* Driver Licence (Not require but prefered)

Places to check us out online:-


Where to send your application:-

Email you application in writing with a cover-note to if you have any question call the number above listed at anytime.