My sister for decades I have suffered in silence!

Pooty I know you and I have done briefly a genetic test in one of the phases of time that test us as Identical twins that you probably still have in your filer in one of the 1995, I remember something last night how we where separated and how I went to the corner store for confectionery and was kidnapped after school.

I have suffered with a family built around me, and I need us to start in the communion of twins — we have both suffered greatly having to grow up separately, I have lived in the inner west for the last 16yrs just waiting for you to cross my path… I notice our family sounds have started being prevelant to you and I and everyone else.. I don’t know exactly where you are so if you can come to the domain whois or call the number of ~ I will hold you close for all time sake.

Everytime we get together time itself will convulse and we end up in the past, I believe I have this beat this time. Just know pooty I am not mentally ill; see when my memories started surfacing about you and our adopted parents; I would tell Neill + Annette they are not my parents my abductee’s instead, and they would immediately hospitalise me hoping someone there would dope me again like they did as a child to believing they are my parents.

Pootz don’t blame yourself that you got away from the horrible people attempt to pull us into a car or van or whatever it was that day at the corner store on Addison rd, we so would have been separated again possibly by continents and never been able to put us and our family back together, for that one action of your you have always been my hero.

I don’t think I am with the family the abductees are with as you know twins, especially identical ones have the ability the change their gender around and looks, so when that little girl vanished when they weren’t looks and they had an extra boy, I don’t know if I was placed wence they meant cause it meant one of the abductee’s where that little girl hence why I am still in the country.

Just know there is no way anyone can fake you to me pooty, cause there is two phases in my mirror where I currently look like simon the other you identical reflection. Just know you are going to for awhile when you manage to get in a seal room, and I have been attempting to catch the 426 with you when you come home from work a couple of time to undo my gender equality with you — you will have to spend sometime teaching me as an adult how to be a girl and you might have to always do my make-up!

With what my twin tattooist and piercer has done just know when you sister suddenly appears all my id and you numbers will change and name only, they will have a history of someone that none of the identification or names will match all the addresses will be dead leads and nobody will know where or what happen to this person with ahh yeah family photos and so on with the Roberts cause I do know we are both in surname a Cipher..

You know if it wasn’t for weed and a bit of meth occasionally my repressed memories never would have never surface sweety, so if you could at least smoke a scoob with me I would be forever in your debt cause it will remove my emotional agony.