Indigenous Communications Crisis Overload!!!

You know as the main internet founder if you check my passport I am like my twin Indigenous Australian.. here I will show you again:-

See clear as it is today on my passport, were is there at least one other indigenous peer for me regardless of academic schools of thought in raw hide IT.

The internet like our singing walking mapping system’s the Internet is also part of the dreaming, I look around at the tribes amongst me and I find the affidavit of Western + Eastern influence on both the peers in my age and older that don’t think it is just the case of recycling some computer hardware and installation.

Instead of Microsoft Windows which just seems to cause verbal infighting in my home environment using Ubuntu a variegated of Debian Linux, and keeping occupied online, like actually making cash with the machine and there are so many options to do this if you have enough witt to Jimmy a lock and get away with loot to get trash, you just always as an indigenous miracle is finding a market you can do with the machine there is z near infinite of them for our tribes + clans..