No i am clean and not impotent + an open doner!

Some people looked at myself and my partner and think for some reason we don’t have children together… As a married couple most have a hard time to donating sexual reproduction goods which myself and Elpiniki have done under both our genders.

Most married couples as soon as the donate sperm, gizm or ovary or overy discussion starts it normally end in a critical humongous argument between the two. At fertility first both under the name of Mike Stass you find Elpiniki sperm and under Elpiniki Iosif you find overy, and as it really hurts a lot as a female and we suggest you only book into when you have other none life threatening if possible surgery to do it as a girl cause I still ache in the tube area remembering what it was like under the name Stephanie Rose Cipher you find my ovary’s and if they ever sort out which one is my 27kv high voltage gizm sample that is under: Simon Antony Roberts.

We are getting this tracked on partly it just the hand I was delt to have children we decided they would be groomed for us as a married couple as they will be told about us in due course on that website as well as by letter or person but most mother if not for the random catch of the day normally spill the beans… So far in making ourselves available for this myself + Niki on the wiper of the diabolical matron there wiser than some says since completely going the cycle we have 18 directly related mum + dad with us and they have 27 cousin with us mixed with sometimes the participants some with other contributors to our family.

I tested clean then like I know I am always as a healer and even now with no ability to catch a learning aid like HIV.