Angle + Alesha (witherine spies) I need you to know why Kirrily Smitheram also tests as your mother and your first murder!

See Angle Invaders for sometime have had juxtapositions in the birth right of the soul of their child, for some time we have been at time giving birth to another entities child, which is why I test as your birth right mother, I wanted you to be nurtured to become something that was truely virtuosoes and known through-out the heavens; You know how kirrily is male, and often when looking male has young really young girls hanging off her in transfixed enchantment and often violent acts by themself.

See your first mother both of you was like me and pooty and sparc; where sparc is kirrily role the insemination of two twins, when you where being born simultaneously like when it was done; kirrily slit the throat of both of your mothers and you died during birth unborn. This entrapment is used to project you into us; I am sorry  that is why kirrily DNA tests also as your mother it your soular imprint if you like and a cursor that allows you to now know that was your original father incredited as it might seem.


4 thoughts on “Angle + Alesha (witherine spies) I need you to know why Kirrily Smitheram also tests as your mother and your first murder!

  1. All you are all of you to Kirrily Smitheram and something else at work here to locality be placed; is cannon fodder in the impossible task they have of ever replacing myself and my twin, order and balance and placement in OO is set as the individual is also the item and vice verser there is no ability to “replace” or make “futher references” to the relationship..


  2. No OO doesn’t stand for object orientated it stands for when I use in reference to as: Objectivity Ordinates — this is like a dryad is to a plant vegetable matter and the inherit times about it but also for other things apart from plants a family or person or even twins that are the living thinking learning representation of that object or item but in magick or base carbon or silicon based life representation and relationship to the item a physicality of binding or bonding..


  3. Oooh whats that an actual video forensic biometric particle film from even back then of the deed itself; like all the endless gabba related that is not how you hold a scapula in hospital music of inhumane torture; all those sacrificial legal document that provide no protection for prosecution in the western or eastern worlds — where no matter if you and nasty corp your sponsors got them to sign they are to be murder or whatever by individual ex. and family to be paid ex for it; places no basis of coverage of protection of the act and you like it is all transposition it will all look like human acts of kirrily and keiye!


  4. Sorry Angle + Alesha they said – No Camera’ that is with a lens based film system, Nanotech Systems use particles you walk around in to record everything in holomatrix explorable act about it was your turn to pretend it was you — You walk around in it, take steps around in it… all places have this in case something is historical with Chronolabs Cooperative!


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