Soundorium – Blockade for @OpenRend and $or we want — bitchamond blockade!!

Of course you can’t have the end of the government it final death for Open Renderments without a blockade, I know most people have or wanted to go forest blockade but this one is for the city streets.

Part of entering Open Renderments is the discussion that happens in basis of a soundorium, which is around the world in a dance beat all synced via internet broadcasting you have a field or a suburb where the beat is constant for 12 months, you are meant to talk and walk in the beat progressions.

Part of the reason is in the pulse we have a conversation silently with each other mind like a pathic intuition if you like that allows large conversational groups to mimic and follow suit thousands of kilometres or miles from one another just cause they are experience the same for-ground and back-beat.

This is evident in any dance movement and this is the war drum itself; that the groups that experience this together continue to experience this outside the realms of the functional basis of which the primary source of the grouping in the mind exists.

I really like the idea of using for the project as these can be locked up and placed on sync with wifi and a simple internet radio streaming device, the radio maybe even relocatable there; but we will need a sound infrastructure where people are able to upload their mix for it for queue, into the genre in each period allocated this will be little or no live apart from any idents which are also pre-recorded sequences that would run out of somewhere like 😉

This is not only art but a productive blockade for OR we want!!

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