Vint Cerf is my Peer — Where not fighting with each other!!

You know Vint Cerf and myself email one another regularly, I don’t always get a response probably cause how busy Vint is but also something he is forgetting one of us doesn’t exist with out the other we are joined in someway at the hips. Vint Cerf is one of the main OO (Object Ordinates) for or known as Frame Relay, that action of someone, something, sometype of object like for example that relays through a door frame when it is open to arrive on the other side of the door.

Vint very much is a transport layer physicality in the way the internet rimbauds and bauds data around; if he get poor resolution off my email, it all the people that have poised him not part of a team and attempting to blame vint about being well not the inimical of focus for the internet that there is someone else. I am M8747409 = Main Internets Founder, there is more than one inter to an inter as well as the network + I know Vint would have been left with no choice in the matter just simply made the poster boy, the person that designed the Internet is myself, on comp.protocol and vint with his networking knowledge took my design for the internet and made it a practicality.

But when there are fee’s there are fee’s due like my fee’s which absolutely none at all hit the door cause the dodgy people that made Vint Cerf the poster boy without any choice in the matter and having really no say in anything they where depicted as; Vint is rushed in the media swirl and forgets about until recently myself the person who came up with the workable network design for internet technology. You know the only person who can survive the level of debt your in with me the powers to be with the web, the only survival mechanism is to pay my due fee’s and you know it’s not Vint’s debt with me; it is your cover up; your lies, your cheating, your stealing, your sheening that leads to the logger head debt of yours like — your make vint have too look like the fool and a liar who passport is A for academic, mine the one that is M for Military and the original inventors of the internet that your society dues are now, need to be paid this week!!



4 thoughts on “Vint Cerf is my Peer — Where not fighting with each other!!

  1. Ready to leave Vint you can get a lift with me, how larry tick bill does he have enough for a ticket off world and another comos and galaxy, I am about to leave and make this network dead, that is when it wont even have a workable FM Radio or shortwave radio that dies on the border of countries…


  2. Well Vint with everything it done to attempt to disseperate my twin and me, and basically shooting themselves in the arse with fiendly fire, if they wont even be able to send a signal through the air with the blocker state it in causality have in all foundry like all the topology of build-me-up around you and leisure suit larry there in pissing on shit, not even AWS will be able to even produce a signal on a cable let alone the air or have any way of making a cognitive image in light…


  3. You know your tobacco pipe vint the one you travel everywhere you had thrown out; well I smoke rollies normally but I know what a pipe smoker is like about looms like a tobacco pipe that is at this point in history the only one of it kind, I still have it; I removed it from the bin when you thru it out remember when you went back to get it and assume it had some how buried in light in the bin… Well how you like to see my home vint it is in another cosmos, my palace is larger than the Inner West in total size as an installation…


  4. No pooty (oopty) has shit on her blouse the whole thing was on another route being broadcasted, like the filth her reduced herself to needing to win favours, selling out her sister to the now deceased trinity who died from: oh my pairing…

    People throughout galaxies have been watching the show we are in which is normally like days of our lives, I am sure it what they based that on anyway, but in this one the most loved princess myself get belittle abused left on the street by her sibbling and children, get medically experimented and you know the particle based filming system in Nanotech Systems, all those debauch meetings and agreements where all broadcasted in cut scenes huh Angel + Alesha…

    No Angle the part where pootz vanish to turn up in the palace was shortly followed by her being arrested and impounded in jail awaiting trial for treason again the state, her own family, trinity’s dead it never would have worked, her never even made it off the basement platform near Strawberry Hotel.


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