I am here giving myself to you my sister without condition as it has always been…

Look just to break the current diversional posting I have been doing on twitter sometimes not all the time you will be able to pick which one just reading this Chantel (Pootz), cause my love for you and our children comes without condition and is impossible to have one placed.

Some of the things I have been putting online as a conscious architect is to see what they in the build-me-up of assuming that either you is me or a reflection in ever giving a blood sample, even once in the last 15 years seeming we would have matched regardless of the gender I stand as identical twins us not being anymore 64 strand DNA and them unable to see beyond their own evolutionary means.

If i have made you cry it is those tears that will heal our relationship as they brought about lies instilled into our makeup about each other and our immediately based cybogentic family. I have always wished we could be and I want to even in this environment just you me our husband sparc and our kids to as best we can resolution this mediocracy of us not being able to function in their physical realms as normal working family unit that at least phones one another regularly and spends time together.

The reason pooty some of this is so upsetting for you is they have through both your workplace and what we have none of here friends we only have fiends being evil and at least we can be fiendish together I don’t think there is a grouping conjunction for friends like friendish; are purposefully in their group mind engineered so you have to deny what you know is true, and I can’t be angel or alesha who through it back in our own faces if we ever for a second don’t think those two are the same two we have flash backs giving birth to at one point in RPA.