Know that @CommBank have no approval to use the word: Commonwealth!

I was discussing this with my fellow nobels cause as you see M8747409 my passport which has over 250yrs history logged on it in various articles including weddings to prince charles son as Stephanie Rose Cipher and Again with myself and Harry standing as two males as the photographs anyone can see by going to DFAT and typing in that passport which is a multinational passport, it isn’t any one countries articles on there cause I have unlike believed travelled abroad and the fact an Australia Citizen can’t and won’t even recognise there own monarchs wedding when it was stylised as gay or once when it was lesbian which is still wait for what legitimises gay marriage in the UK and the commonwealth of nations anyway with the light of it rolling through history.

I did when last talking to charles as we do cause in most things ever marry to his son and as with Nobel’s wedding historically crash as they have always done with Harry Windsor except with Ebony Bishop, and I believe he still has the practise run certificate and photo finish even sitting before the actual event so we know for once we have found amongst the jungles of the world my dear fiends pairing and love and I don’t believe love comes in just one colour and love that harry in all his passion like me got to finally settle in with a black chick and princess. Anyway, I did when checked up on email ask charles to go over the paper work of what is approved to use the word: Commonwealth as you need approval from the Commonwealth of Nations to have it in your badge like Australia greatest cockup the Commonwealth Bank cause you get this certificate which includes all the Nobel’s of the Commonwealth Seals; including mines and my sisters which sit if need to be use in the draw with the rest of them both Meer Ladies, Charles, William + Kate, Harrys and my own which is a higher standing order than those one, and i don’t kiss that saying in just a pretence, I am vivid to point it out.

And the Commonwealth Bank has never since whenever it said it build-me-up from ever had approval even once to have all the commonwealth of nations money in a basis of self consumption internally inside the commonwealth boarders, or will ever be approved, you do realise in that situation someone can just like Number 10 Gov come along and cease all the property as stolen and fraud in such don’t you.


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