Programming + RSI using MSM to solve

Recently, well not so recently nearly 2 years ago 30 years of at the keyboard coding caught up with me; I was in hideous amount of pain from what was like an electric shock of RSI that left me on the sofa.

I was unable to solve it with acupuncture or any remedial massage or the regular things I had maintained my posture with over the years of coding, and as it was community work that was voluntary I had no way of treating it having no money to really put into physiology treatment, while I was lying on the sofa like I had spent much of my time doing in the last 12 – 18 months I was watching something on pink sulfur salt that was a hippy type dialogue that claimed it had amazing rejuvenation property, as I am fairly skilled in chemistry I sat down and worked out the chemical active component of this which was a Dimethyl Sulphone which looking around for it I found it as a recently newly available product online at

The hippy dialogue wasn’t wrong, I am onto my second order of this product and already I am walking and able bodied with only a slight ache in my central pivot which is the role of the keyboard, I would say after the next batch I will be completely healed, I can recommend this for what it is defined for; it is like being in the womb again and can also be used in a spray bottle for degenerate eye conditions.