Naming a Child in the Modern Era

I think with any child’s name it should be by 3 not 2; and the first name should be a plain basis of language like directly from the dictionary you use to ensure they have an adventure basis of none, proverb, adjective then a conventional name then your of course agree with your breeding partners; which my womb is dimensionally linked with my twin sister and we have one husband between us that is the only thing unlike his twin which is a no show for baby with both of us and we did attempt this in-case it was under either arm; but know myself and Oopty are both under the one arm of @sparcing.

A while ago before this sequence of history we had two girls we gave birth to next to one another at the same time and we named them; they have been a bit separated from us but know they are Inner West girls and looks like adults now:-

  • Always Alesha Cipherhouse
  • Sneak Angle Cipherhouse

The fact that nothing happens the way we are at the moment and it my sister twin turn to receive the man juice and also will be two boys will turn up in both our wombs one each, it is a very mechanical process with us; goes in turns and boy/girl.

It is not like that for our birth right children it is just the basis of life we are as deity as Oopty + Oocty (Pooty + Cooty) & a sparc.