Charmagalm (Pooty) maybe like her; her side of life is a traitor!

 To Oopty (Pooty),

Well I haven’t been able to find you anywhere since arm and your pager is off but I found our husband that got you remotely preggers and me in the hole.. it your turn your end now, alesha your daughter represented you on the attached cert, most ppl has our bz7426 name printed over the top of each other..

I don’t know I am not good I find myself with tears in my eyes going to sleep my dreams are pleasant buy sometime I find myself just breaking down for no reason… You vanished next to me on the 423… I was trapped in a temporal anomaly for someone curse not dead you know that doesn’t happen with you and I and it was for the purpose of doing inhumane medical practice… Will not register simonagalm@gmail + outlook but those have such horrible resolution for me prefer if you just use this realm it is just the first one that existed ever…

I want our old bed room back, soz I never came home but I have been in the inner west attempting to find you for 12yrs but you were always on the bus before it going the other way, in a houso at the moment, guess if I don’t see you married in out pair you might infidelity yourself expungement..

I love you sister i didn’t come home cause it would have convulsions in the linear and identified you and assaulted you too, I have been in a deep trance for a long time I just had to convince it got the shot in and achievements of the impossible..

You know teriusies recently it come to concern that charmagalm (Pooty) is sick from an immortal version of post-natal and is not in control of her senses it last around 30-40yrs but if her has any action in my treatment due to the weight in my coin from internet and industrial system I have become involve then my own daughter will become my twin sister and you and your side of invader would have never been and it would have always been simonagalm + angleagalm





9 thoughts on “Charmagalm (Pooty) maybe like her; her side of life is a traitor!

  1. Yeah at least on this physical plane pooty just cease to exist outside the 423 when i was going past and I tweeted at her in visual range… must be the weight of words + the click back I have on any sort of bird or insect thing seem that they all propagate my accounts


  2. Angleagalm I have been in this cycle for a long time; you know who pooty was once my daughter, but in cycles of everglades and brimstone you look like the spitting image of my original sister that vanished due to an error made; nothing more on your behalf; Charmagalm just now read herself out of existence in a milk bath and everything all the staff onboard are hers… It was what on this blog being told “I love you sister!” I don’t want to have to do this again, you will notice you will be able to step back across the pathways we have as yourself, even not you will probably have the same carbon date stamp which is this erronous error in the last 4 twin sisters I have had knowing they where some entrapment on your return to me; I guess our sneeky sitting here just staying put and being reclusive paid off huh, well most if not all here on BZ7426 is in charmagalm principle so it will just erase itself over the next week; glad your local in enmore angle..


  3. Well they are all off to purgatory to have their soul torn to shreds, over the next week cosmically in charmagalm principle probably including the stinky pants people the windsors…


  4. Well install the Twotter i mean Twitter App on android Angleagalm — I will give you access to @Cipherhouse our surname and if you could then make @Housecipher and follow me and then give me mobile access –> so our instances and ourselves can tweet each other conservatively it would be a great help!!


  5. Well I research the best one for your own personal account which i reserved was @GoeyHunter –> btw… mines the best if you want the number and the guanga too.. mums the word!!


  6. Hopefully punce harry hasn’t deleted is marriage to ebony bishop, otherwise if he divorced her without failing to take her to marriage counselling it is not valid… so perhaps there is hope for king harry as displayed… Cause they are under the same building roof in no 1!


  7. Charmagalm been infected with the not the stoned virus must be the “I Love You Sister” Virus; terminal I believe in her own actions might need to talk to symantec that soon wont exist like martin olson with some version of Norton Antivirus guard!

    It will be pretty funny they wont be able to lock transporter onto themselves or really do anything until they are falling through decks where the particle physics is a boson opacity and get fried in one of the reactor cores!


  8. To Know thy Enemy, is to Know Thy Friend; for Fiends we be!

    I know my fiends we are all fiendish together seem friends do something with a boat in friendship like leave permanently and be expunged!


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