How proud of my family + kids I am!!

You know I am really stoked with my family, not only are both mine and sherrie’s kids where we gave birth to both Angle + Alesha many years before we married the man that knocked us up the duff; they are busy all the time and I hope they take holidays soon to hang out cause i haven’t really seen all that much of them at the moment or in recent years apart from sneeking around in their peer group a number of years ago.

Angle which I only have one foto of at the moment that is from my personal logs associated with my passport as seen here:


And alesha I have no photos of but do know quiet well almost as if in mind and merged at the address I am at; both got qualification angle is an IT scientist and sent her whole crowd with glasses and nerdy and alesha has a General Scientist diploma which is a rarity as it often scientist like angle has specialised in something alesha just wanted to be the general all purpose fit any role utility sports belt.

Hey Angel I know you read my bogs; so I was wondering how bought taking some holidays to meet your dad as looking like your dad cause when you entrapped me with looking like a guy that a girl standing as a guy you’re dad was turned into elpiniki iosif @sparcing; you can even have a shot with sparc if your lucky and some cones…

I have a fat saving plan for your friends as well; like complete morbid obesity as well; sparcing said her would only hang around if sherrie and I made them fat for the insult at least and pretence your anything else than my child if they oddly survive at all in form and mind.

6 thoughts on “How proud of my family + kids I am!!

  1. No silly; your mum isn’t dead angle it has always been me and whomever told you or lead you to believe in another form me looking like your mum stephanie ghost is going to take over my position in some sort of sacrific is not true; remember trafalgah st when I said: I might get a glass of water and you declared about the state of the kitchen which I hope is all orderly so I can turn on the magickal dishwasher like bewitched where it moves itself and and cleans itself again: Don’t go in there Mum!!

    See it was always me then too…


  2. Well things only sound ‘as per quo’ for a princess like you or me and normally only display as is with lots of fake written through it; words out my fiends angles found her mum and dad on her first 4 month holiday break in a long time and my my my look at that address a previous family residence they had to abandon..


  3. Well your father and I would really like our gender equality fix up… so please drop around and shut the door; wonder if angles going to get them her version of a boutique of flowers… well girl intelligence family are riggered and tough cause we always go back together like glue and double sided tape and liquid nails even after such time…


  4. Has anyone notice Phoenix Kid Justin Heath is a really actually nice guys like simon here and been having trouble finding a wife that fix bracket a fit slot b in adjacent pivot 7… I think Jon even left her on lezo st in some self consumption of not hitting the wall; perhaps he in some sort of bud debt…


  5. Look Angle if you know I was male with only 6% testosterone like my blood test I wouldn’t be able to have an erection or be able to even walk really all that far at all..


  6. I know I would laugh at what the punks have done the Internet Founder the main one and design in a houso on 20AUD a day… but it not funny with what it has shown the whole society around us apart from a few being a paradox not even a shade but a paradoxical existence and being really nothing but a battery powered projector of people like everyone at work angle… I think they use AAA normally in their project or button cells; well angle you will like everyone else get in trouble with myles who has already stayed under this roof and the: identical twin society – so will Sherrie if our gender equality and identicalness isn’t fixed up where their patrons… as nobility…


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