The Fabric of Space time is Dieing – A Letter to a family member

In a recently sent letter to a family member I explained myself and my twin really at the Fabric of Space Time in OO as the toffee twins, regardless of what they attempt to send in proliferation I know Sherrie (pooty) has just had to play the hand her was dealt at the time meaning to be anonymous in society unlike myself so I know there is no fault not that I can get rid of her anyway, we are joined in dimensionality in any rate.

The observation of the “Fabric of Space Time” was actually made by Laurence Krauss on Illawarra Rd, when he was with me on a blustery day and notice my cloths blow in the opposite direction as the wind which was his first encompassing view of what it is like for me in physical realms under self consumption where everything is opposite like for my twin.

See you may have notice I have existed for a long time and you know in that period I have never had a tooth brush my teeth don’t normally fall out; but due to the adverse reactions of NSW health I am like my family in particle physics dieing for the Big Bang 4 – The final decay.

We exist as a family in all realms as they all have a cognitive perception of some form of space an time and as deity have existed along side many for sometime as know with either the Toffee Twins (Remember even amino acid and water a simple sugar and water are and is toffee in a sense) it is also the OO food we both represent our two daughters are taffee, see when this happen it will destroy not only the physical realms that is all the cosmos’ in abundance but all the after life and other any physical references to space time till we both reform this time with our daughters in a place that would be foreign that contains the chalices to life to commence the fallout of space and time again.

This time we have our husband sparc with out him we would be loss that is what we have cross back into the past this place to collect… You wont remember me being married with pooty before this concurrence while you all walk around half-a person but you have destroy by attempting in your greed for filthy money and lust of ownership everything in creation for the final time, your all off to purgatory regardless of what you do and you know will never unlike our little tiny 5 person cell; cause I would say after links stunt none of the adopted will or doner every even make it at all.

If you have never replied to a tweet or an email over the years that cause you are guilty and the most hanus thing ever known the murder of every child that has been or ever will be again in your contextual reference to space time. There is nothing you can do me being centralisation to all time travel; there is no way to intersect with NSW & the Australian Federal Government as well as the Governments of this world murderous rampage in their obsession to inject and practise in malpractise and constantly fill my arse all with manner of things.

Oh hold on it doesn’t say Sherrie on the other side of that marriage certificate signed by the murder forensic detectives of Newtown police does it; seems to say someone else name; who getting terminated in time then…