msg never arrives to crash

If you are unaware of the difference between the pork roll shops on corners of marrickville Rd + Illawarra Rd the first one as arranged with the Asian side of the Undo Corporation sauce contains as far as we can tell the only place in Sydney with the food additives MSG; which I will remind you doesn’t arrive to crash as a substance therefore only being a projected molecular structure that is essentially nothing which is why physicality of things are tested like when msg didn’t arrive to crash in a collider the health warning for it was published cause remember you are what you eat and msg is a nothing a lack of any physical mass; loom looking at the queue with the only place in Sydney with MSG in minute quandaries in the sauce check it out:-

The unusual thing is right next door is delish where anything with half an intelligence would instead of being mindless sheep at least check out the incredulous moorish meats for the pork roll which is the escape mechanics in ever being in the first queue:-