Colour Blind – You need Landscapers from Space + Polymer Nanotech Systems

You know I have been travelling in this area for awhile, originally before here I was on the annuakia home-world which is not far from here which is industrial dead planet from wars and industrial ages with little or no animals or vegetable matter.

Between them and yourself there had becomes as you are the gears as humans and they are the grease as species and you actually both compatible in their production of life which is children two of are spawn in your life after around a week of marriage between two of them as they are all lesbians which just turn up on you – your house internally become twice the size with sections for each of them without any structural changes outside.

Somehow a none living form of nanotechnology has proliferated in this area which is part of the reason I came too Krauss Scientist (BZ7426) was looking for a base of animals for the System we use which is a polymer enliving nanotech systems which has little or no metal in it and is largely foot and hand control apart from a tagging implant that also works as an interstellar any location passport for plebeian space which is this area.

Problem is I found them irisless and your species originally which are predominately in my principles like my sister and family as the species known as an ‘invaders’ like your name is a ‘human’ well ‘human elven’ with hopefully at the end of this pointee ear that you can at least use headphones with but while there is something around in here somehow that simulating how we look; then we don’t look as we appear, no!

I am having some sort of sentry for this none living nanotechnology and remember any machine is enliving even a knife fork and spoon in the right hands, keeps coming at me which is still like that but just a look a like with whatever has manufactured these Vyborg have never seen eyes with iris, there is also something I don’t want too spook you a foot and thought control unit which has fake iris which don’t dilate correctly or at all at times (Spooked yet the eye scientists that reads this).

So on a brighter note there will be for your grease monkeys and probably the lesser of the two egg heads with parch white skin be a need for like the movie a pandor – avatar adventure but with landscapers and bush regeneration probably from the Australian seed banks as the water and living standards are good, the soils there are possible to grow in these days from multiple large inter-solar wars actually between these two about your species vanishing for the time it did in this region of space for such a long time seeming you three should be best of mates each of you are OO and complementary to the rest of everything in this galaxy that lives here in principles as the guardian species for and principles as object ordinates (OO).

This is so we can get the none living nanotechnology out of their environment and their iris restore permanently and any legacy systems in their chips for feet and elbows is adapted and they are no longer colour blind or inverted colour vision which for the nanotechnology which is low energy it uses lesser by far electrons than each nanoite requires so this none living high energy one just shatter from it in force and can get low enough to do what happen in nanotech wars where other systems are assimulated into a system – Nanotech Systems as part of Chronolabs Cooperative and provisioning by it is more like a service provider and safe guard normally for these things; but requires a reason amount of vegetable matter and gardens to work for mining the naturopathic substances to make the ethnobotanical + vegetable polymers its construct is based in.


We will hopefully be using their shipping yards for this; as we are not at a level to construct boats that are capable of moving earth movers and diggers and trowels and shovels and so on.

I just want to point out these units have been appearing either as a black american negro with a British accent or Indian in roles; or as a white fella the accents it has are limited to the environment I have isolated them to in this area 2204; they are in, do not confuse our fiendish Arabs who have gotten a piece of fruit here to be bonded in the world here with us as a Nashie Pear which is Mohammad Nasher and his two decisive younger psychedelic weeds and a sister whom is a flower with parents in the principle of magick can happen in people life like transformation; they have a very dark brown at time iris which you will always see in the light of a room or looking toward the sun.