Oopty + Oocty ~ Gatekeepers to the Afterlife!

You may not understand this now Oops but I have had several encounters with something in here that has no iris in the eyes cause it is the walking chipped dead carcass that get violent on my arse; but I am completely physically unaware of it apart from noticing a sore jaw or something like a corked thy when walking away from what would only seem like a loud argument or bruises I can’t understand.

This is part of the amount of suffering we have in one of our multifacet OO bases of the Toffee Twins (You + I) as the only Gatekeepers of the Afterlife that waits on either side (there abouts) of the doors to the afterlife in choice of 0/1 that exists; we also can’t hear this type of music called gabba that is endless hideous serial killer screaming being DJ with an Ice cold beat not warm like a dinner plate like all the doof is but more like a raving lunatic beat that is ice cold and either or without texture; it can’t be audibly hear by us even standing next to the sound system.

See I know Oops your beaten daily, when it is seeming at you being a magickal nymph existence like I am in principle and remember we are both now with a temperament of a 14yr old girl so we are being and beginning to come on heat; you have to understand if something is poised as a lover and scream and shouts at you and you have some unexplained even minor bruises and they don’t seem to hit you; in the perspective of other they really are and in public beating you black and blue and the bruises just heal quickly.


One thought on “Oopty + Oocty ~ Gatekeepers to the Afterlife!

  1. The “Iris Project” defines that the iris is visible in all eyes on any typal of form when there is a life-force (Which Oops we know in a sentient in around 8 – 17 variables the soul) is presences in the life-form… When you have a cyborg that has had it soul purged which is and was also part of the process of the assimilation in the pain in the surgery in the Borg in star trek without anaesthetist serum.

    There is of course two groups of egg heads around here the annuakai that have large eyes an egg head and blue/purple/orange/green iris after being exposed to weed with these gorgeous big eyes that just swallow you up and one that has a head similar to a human where the eye is missing the iris, which is still there it just isn’t visible unless the carcass has an life-force and when it is missing in light it is missing to them in people eyes with them…


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