Well @ClarenceHouse you would agree I have nothing happy to be about as M8747409

Well Charles, William, Kate you would have to agree I have nothing to be happy about as M8747409 : Main Internet Founder as is shown in the public articles that have existed since the 1980s on this passport:-


You know I have had my family fakes around me by now, been separated from my twin (pooty enmore) and it isn’t hard to prove that the people pretending to be my parents at 41 amor st leave their house unlocked so it wont be hard to get some hair or something to do a DNA test and I bet you find they have embellished my ID card normally the surname Cipher with Roberts as well as the DOB and everything.

Not only that I get medically experimented on cause they want me to sound lunatic saying I am the main founder of the internet when my passport shows that anyway and has since the mid 1980s; were I get poisoned into the mental health system with mugwart extract which makes you babble and I can’t now get rid of them even when I have present my own legal and kicked them from magistrate 5 times they just wont go away on top of that I have nothing to show, absolutely nothing to show for my fee’s for the internet and when there are fee’s charged there are fee’s due which is 50c AUD x IPv4, IPv6, TLD, gLTD and 1Tb of data otherwise known as networks nodes.

Your community in fact your nations are a cunt act you know charles; you look yourself like a dog act of extreme cuntery. Were you have the Main internet founder living with my wife in a cockroach infested department of housing unit living on 20 AUD a day; look at yesterday balance on the fee collected for the internet:-




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