My Academic Licence Open Source Title – Jump API

Jump API (Academic + GPL3)

Jump API is an api that contain our own xcp checksum as well as a framework for shortening URL from long one to either subdomain or path based redirection from the generated shorten URL to the final URL that was shortened.

This project was our first licensed title for academic purposes partly cause it discusses all the primary functions within the LAMP environment and has easy to follow code and/for/from digressions for academic purposes. Resources

The following URL is the location of this project on; you will be able to join as well as contribute to this API through this resource!

Download the Source Code

A lot of our source-code is open and stored on – you will find the api’s source code in it’s own private project here:-!<$

Shortening URL Services Operate on the following URLs

The following URL can be used to Shortening a URL, they are the following domains with this API on it:-