our computer setup at my soho!

The computers/droids we have at home are great machines, there was at this period previously with us racks which I am sure in computing a way out of the houso is just running late, see here is the frame optical line that ran in here previously from the local exchange that is only around 400m as the crow fly’s:-

This is my wife’s computer it was donated by spintel.com.au and was their previous router it got beefed up memory but only 80gb storage which for the amount of files @sparcing save suit her fine:-

This is where I do all my development and computing, like all the other computers we run Linux here called Ubuntu:-

This is my development server where I load balance my code, get the pulse for crons and scheduled tasks and is also the box you hit when coming to au.labs.coop it also services for providing ntp as well as DNS lookups with bind it is a dual xeon with 16gb ecc memory and has parity based security, it is also setup with a 3tb HDD and runs also as a mail service for a fiend or two that don’t trust having there mail in many of the open and auditable locations:-

And this is our printer/scanner that cease to power up and need replacing when John Saunders from network.ringwould.com.au visited us travelling back to WA from a web developer conference in chilli:-