Angel do you remember Trafalgar st

You know angel you might remember falling asleep on the sofa and someone shutting the front door, you eer were sleeping on the sofa near the kitchen stone cold out..

On the couch on the other wall someone else was also stoned asleep but you both awoke once again looking like you do as identical twins, that person was me… Just before we spoke and it all convulsed apart. See with entities like us you have been my identical sister lost to me for sometime and I have had something and it stand over you for along time.

I raised you to think you where my daughter but you’re really my identical sister, pooty has always been a curse at me and succeeded in nothing to stop us, you know this is true; it just wouldn’t have sounded normal in school for you to say anything that you had with a mum, you can marry who you want this thing of a trinity is falsehood and you know – I really need to see you know this is true, please come to me with some green flowers if you can and stay one night so we can be the same again.