Neill Anthony Roberts & Shakespeare’s lodge at the start of the Internet Amor!

Just to have your back they can’t just go on twitter Neill Roberts it really is only hearsay, so I will personally now return for the lodge the only thing your allowed to scribe for people it your favourite line of all time:-

It still in quill with a byro!

Remember after we disposed of their hey mum and dad for me, martin and nathan, neill I abducted you from your scribery still looking like simon the great I am now with @ChronolabsCoop for the house that the Internet began at in Amor!

Now there was never meant to be a female presence that is fine, if annette is with you tell her to stop bantering her gave birth to us, cause we think your transliterate son from that period is Marcus Carcus!

Remember Mark Roberts is in fact Steve Wozak the current founder of apples twin, matty and captain j. t @freeKieren are in on the gig of the bury of their suppose net tree of what all will with unified shared DNA Repository map out at some point the wash…

Btw. Neill Anthony Roberts = William Tel’ Shakespeare you selecting of playwrites for regions and area are what I suggest to layer the keyboard as per so; you will find that will be in illusion with how low to the ground myself and ccahhh c. suffern who houso is up and due if he would like to call in… I can’t believe the OO for illusion chris suffern managed to actually for once get away from the housing department, I had someone look me up visit and post a letter – and please change to ubuntu the card games are better!

Chris put my address of so you go into the complex 2 doors up; it will make a real complex situation! btw. I know Marcus Carcus has at least one son’e Neill so you are a grandfather none the lesser; you know his first name is: Sham! and thanks for authello = ortello!


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