Time here has nothing to do with dates or prunes @Lkrauss1

Actually in recent highly involved experiments we discovered time has nothing to do with dates or dating or anything to do with those prunes that if you eat them to much or even a little bit you get the runs a typal of diarrhoea.

In fact time here is more to do with Mexican food in fact Taco’s; thing is unlike dates that run out taco time is endless it like an inter no matter how many inters your travel it still just an inter; which is the distance between your two nearest galaxys tip to tip from the parallel drawn which like a far is the distance of seven galaxies.

So it is truelove; the long haul for Chronolabs with taco time; so I guess if your going out for a date with someone that is a misappropriation in the 2nd 22nd Century your infarct going out for not for some pasta a few minutes but some salsa on a taco with someone!

Whats wrong sorry tori quine mine like a taco normally too in the pants but it doesn’t unlike a taco spill meat; and dryads don’t have twins..