Spatial Layers and Tieing down as Cybosity – Day Club Angle! @eqtherapies

Notice some of you have gotten stuck in some spatial layers that where remnants of serial killers coming to Newtown as Gabba that was set up before they arrived, so they where stuck; you need to tie-down to get to the door here in the centroidal basis of principles.

Most people would know of tieing-down to get to pixey layers of spatial balances with ribbon, this was the time Emma Quine was told her wasn’t magickal cause for her and people in my family it isn’t ribbon but Cable Ties as we have pixels not pixeys..

You will need to goth somewhere like mitre 10 or a hardware store and buy a packet of cable ties, some of the components of this are still prevalent in society so you do not individually like what I did tie the whole inner west down, do a large carriage to hit-my-door; but remember the phone just doesn’t work for most individuals here cause it is buried in external IT physics, so you want to probably tie your letter box down, if you taking the bus then a seat at a bus stop and the town centre in either enmore or newtown then you should have no trouble coming across town on the 423 or the train to marrickville, staying the night and trashing on and waiting till dawn so you are on the correct family channel spatial layering.

Just remember to bring a pair of pincers or scissors to cut the cable ties as you travel back to your abode the next day when you are safely away from the smuck

Oh by the way Angel Cipherhouse if you want to this time have that club you weren’t allowed to on the uncommon here your welcome just on saturday after friday night clubbing with food and so on when the door fee of $10 is applied and built up and I suggest you use ( seeming mashy pea is a family favourite here is a video of the venue:-


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  1. btw. Alesha Cipherhouse with Elicse, living in another spatial layer of this houso, could you answer the door on MH from now on, and you want to get to our layer of the same houso, just goto it will display an address that is close by, but will change each time you look at it so only once, and that will be the door to knock on for my door here, normally in the complex 2 doors up; and you will walk into this place here then be able to walk back with your layers key to yours when your done, some people in tieing-down might want to check this as well; could be an address close to you in spatial dynamics…


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