I am the original designer of the internet from comp.protocol

You know the IT industry really has a lot too answer for, not only have I been carded as the main internet founder since 1983 on the following international citizen passport M8747409 but you as a consumer of my design and the industries that provide it have left me on the street of Australia in boarding houses unable to find employment and to be inhumanely experiment on by NSW health so they can at least get their ebay purchases correct.

Look I have nothing to show for 2 major installations in the world both the Internet itself as well as my wikipedia.org page Doof the only encyclopedia dance movement or anything mention on there in the motion of modern dance.

Look at my current accounts:-


I have never had the ability even while design the internet to purchase my own bricks and mortar, I have no assest that I envalue that have provided a feasible return at all, I live with my wife Elpiniki Iosif married of 8 yrs in a department of housing unit in the Inner west of sydney. I have never had the IT industry watch my back or hold my position, in fact I feel there is no chance after fending for food and begging on the streets of Queensland is there a way of making me feel esteemed too say that yeah the Internet what a great invention I have been carded on this passport since 1983 the first person mentioned with military rank that many ISP will remind you that design and implemented the Internet that I have had since public not even a day salary from a defence force to hold any weight in their arguement:-


I haven’t committed any crime but people are told I am violent and a criminal and I am persecuted, look at my charge sheet that is still current, is there any mention of violent crime on there at all, in fact it doesn’t even register as criminal there is only 1 page most people that drive are more hanus criminals with multiple pages of driving offences, which are preventable crimes that are not duress of drug inhuman medical experiments:-