Dodgy Simon & the Dodgy Filez!

Some of you may be aware in my punk rocker days which are on going I earned the nickname Dodgy Simon –> this is because essentially I purchase in the previous phase of history to just this one where the term was used: The Dodgers Baseball team that myself and my twin own seeming it was our favorite about dodging and bunting the balls and so on.

It was also due to this an indicate in my little crew back on their feet who was dodge individual by using the term in reference under self consumption means you are essentially the dodge-ball vagrant sept the dodgy one seeming everyone know punk rock nicknames are the complete opposite this is actually a prerequisite of the individual partly why they are given, they are in our crowd and when termed are used to keep stuff like the dodgy files in our tattooing and piercing lines with the population around us.

So if you ever refereed to me as “Dodgy Simon” apart from at this point Jez Za then you are a dodgy individual and marked as fraudulent existences, you have no place or basis in my court and need not apply for a retrial you are the scum of the earth in all basality.