Oopty + Oocty – You know my twin Pooty is really stage Fright atm!

You know my twin Pooty from Enmore does the survey a secret code word for the name Call Oopty Cipherhouse who is headlining so it is PC not CP so listing as a couple is as Oopty + Oocty not Oocty + Oopty and you don’t unless your famile call us by our firstname Call.. That partly to indicate the phone doesn’t work too well buried as the Internet Founder!

Pootz I wrote you a start-me-up guide on https://internetfounder.wordpress.com/?s=pooty –> just a couple of steps for you to complete, apart from making your laptop in ubuntu not the desktop game machine as the computer called oocty and the username oopty like mine is the other way around..